12 Dec

An internship interview is a milestone at the beginning of your career path. It is much more than the possibility of demonstrating your skills. It is an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of both the company and the position. Having well-thought-out questions written down could be the key to differentiating from other applicants and help you decide if the internship you are applying to is aligned with your objectives.

About the Company

Can you describe the company’s culture?

Having a deep understanding of the company’s culture is essential for feeling satisfied and safe at work. This question unveils the company's fundamental values, beliefs, and practices. It should give you an overview of the work environment, as well as the work-life balance and any other benefits or advantages you may have.

Can you tell me about the onboarding process?

If the proposition matches your expectations and you have the required qualifications and skills, you will get an internship acceptance email. If that happens, you should be prepared for the onboarding process. Asking about it in your interviews highlights two things: on the one hand, it shows you are committed to being efficiently prepared to fulfill your duties; on the other hand, it demonstrates confidence—always a nice to have.

About the Job

Are there opportunities for future full-time positions?

By asking this question, you will express your willingness to learn and grow and discover the available resources and growth opportunities the enterprise has to offer. Knowing the relevance of professional and personal development will give you an idea of the extent to which they are involved in the growth of their interns. It may also be helpful to know the existing possibilities for promotion within the organization. 

Can you tell me what a typical day would look like?

A clear view of your responsibilities can help you set expectations and align your skills with the required performance. For example, if you apply for an internship as a copywriter, it is possible that, by asking this question, you will find out the number of articles or blog posts that you are expected to write each week. 

What do you think are the most challenging parts of this role?

Acknowledging upcoming challenges shows your disposition to face difficult situations and allows you to understand the role better. Every job has its challenges; knowing them in advance enables you to prepare and approach your key responsibilities with a proactive mindset.

What are the skills you are looking for in an intern for this position?

To get a deeper understanding of the employer’s needs, it is advisable to ask what skills are desired. There are two types of skills: soft and hard. Hard skills refer to technical knowledge or specific training, while soft skills are abilities that are transversal to many roles, such as strong communication, empathy, or teamwork. By asking this question, you may discover if they have courses or training paths to acquire new, relevant skills.

To close up the Interview 

Do you have questions about my qualifications?

This question's main objective is to reflect your willingness to address any doubts the interviewer could have about your qualifications. It shows transparency and that you are ready to have a constructive dialogue about your studies and previous experiences. 

What are the next steps after this interview?

Understanding the evaluation process calendar and the next steps can help you establish a follow-up plan, which is advisable if you want to show your interest in the position. Besides that, it might be helpful to prevent you from being anxious if you do not hear news soon.

Why you should ask questions on an Internship Interview

Are you wondering how to get an internship with no experience? Or maybe how to prepare for an internship interview? Unfortunately, there is no single answer since there are different types of internships, and every one of them is unique. But they all have something in common: that the employer wants to see commitment and genuine interest from your side, and an outstanding way of showing that is asking questions. 


To summarize, asking well-thought-out questions during an internship interview is a strategic approach since it highlights your interest, leaving a long-lasting positive impression. At the same time, it lets you better understand the company and the role you are applying for.