11 Dec

The process of landing your first internship can be an overwhelming time in life, and having no experience can seem like a significant obstacle if you don’t know where to start. Nevertheless, whether you’re a recent graduate or still in school, there are ways to overcome this challenge and get the job you always wanted. In this article, you’ll get the best tips on how to get the best possible internship, from deciding your desired field and location to writing your resume and giving the interview. 

Decide What Career/Field Interests You

In order to find the right internship for you, you need to get clear on what your interests are. There are many options for the career path you want, so pay attention and note your top choices because those are the fields you wish to apply for. 

Choose the type of internship and location you want

There are many types of internships you can apply for; some are paid, and some are not. Some provide class credits, and some don’t. There are even particularly flexible ones if you live a busy life. Also, keep in mind that many companies offer internships in different cities, so you need to consider the location that would be most convenient for you.

  • Paid internships

This kind of internship is very common in the second and third years of college. They expand the intern’s knowledge in their studies and at the company. 

  • Unpaid internships

These are typically through non-profit charities, which often have unpaid or volunteer positions. Some may impose criteria that must be met to classify the job properly. 

  • Summer internships

Summer internships are usually 8 to 12 weeks of work during the summer months, May to August, in which students can gain experience in their chosen field. These may vary depending on the company and position, and they may be paid or not. 

  • Co-op programs

This program balances classroom theory with periods of practical, hands-on experience before graduation. Students can alternate academic study with full-time employment, gaining practical experience in their chosen field. 

Find the Right Internship 

If you want to know how to get an internship, you can use some very useful sites to apply for one. These can also help you connect with people in the field to get more and better opportunities down the line.

  • LinkedIn

This is undoubtedly the best site for getting a job of any kind. LinkedIn is a very professional social network that can skyrocket your career and help you find your first internship in your chosen field. 

  • Indeed

This is a comprehensive job search engine that’s easy to navigate and allows users to filter their search results. The site also provides resources for job seekers, like resume-building strategies and tricks for your first interview. 

  • Internshala

Internshala is one of the best ones, too, as it has a wide range of opportunities available for college students in various fields. One of its best features is allowing users to apply to multiple internships simultaneously. 

  • LetsIntern

This website is also one of the leaders for getting internships. Its user-friendly interface is a standout characteristic, and it’s an excellent option for those who don’t have experience. 

Write Your Resume 

Learning to write a resume for internships is a crucial aspect of landing a good job, so dedicating enough time to it is a step that you can’t skip. No resume will ever be the same, as we all have different skills and experiences, but sticking to specific guidelines can go a long way when trying to make a good impression on our potential employer. For the most part, keep your resume clear and concise, limit it to one page, tailor it to the position you are applying for, be honest, and always remember to proofread it when you are done.

Have Someone Review Your Resume

Having a new set of eyes read your resume can help you spot mistakes you may have missed. Also, it’s always good to get unbiased opinions before sending it in, especially if these people work or used to have a job in the field you want to get an internship in.

Interview Time

Interviews can seem very nerve-racking when you’ve never gone through them. However, following some internship interview tips can help decrease the anxiety and be of much help when you’re first starting.  

  • Practice for the Interview

Prepare your answer to the most common questions, which are mostly about trajectory, reasons for your interest in the position, future goals, and skills you possess. 

  • Be Confident at the Interview

Go into the interview with confidence in your abilities, knowing that you can be a very valuable asset for the company and that there are always other jobs you can apply for if they don't choose you.

  • Send Thank-You Notes

Send your interviewer or the employer a present or a thank-you note to express your gratitude for the opportunity. Even if you don’t get the position, you never know how far a great first impression can take you.

Be Resilient and Keep Applying!

Getting your first internship can be very intimidating as it’s a task that requires significant effort, careful thought, and consideration. Still, getting the job of your dreams is not impossible. You just have to follow the correct steps and have the right information. So, don’t give up and keep applying!