BSA has a modernized recruitment platform that connects us with students and alumni from over 500 Universities around the U.S to include all Minority Serving Institutions (HBCU, HSI, TCU, Asian American, Pacific Islanders) and disability communities.  

To recruit a magnitude of candidates this process offers the following benefits:

  • Targets hard-to-find diverse candidates, even in remote areas.
  • Attracts a large number of candidates which provides more intern options.  
  • Interviews and screens candidates in a consistent, structured and unbiased manner. 

For example, BSA is able to reach at least 5,000 views on a job opening on our easy to use applicant portal within 10 days of posting, producing at least 150 applications. 

BSA has three existing Minority Intern College Recruitment federal contracts.  BSA will leverage those existing relationships and processes for the benefit of the Federal Government.   BSA has been in the recruiting business for 27 years and has made a long-term commitment to providing these services to Federal agencies.

In an effort to eliminate wasting time staffing the wrong people and having to terminate employees for absenteeism, tardiness or performance issues, BSA initially developed “The Right People, Every time – Guaranteed”. This process is a proprietary and proven interpersonal behavioral, technical and background screening system that we call the “Tri-Screen Process.”

This process was designed to eliminate the wasted time and effort that historically has lead to placements of the wrong employee. The “Tri-Screen” has three levels of screening which reduces the non-contenders due to interpersonal incompatibility, technical deficiencies, resume inconsistency, or lack of credible references.