U.S. Army Munitions Command

Creating a diverse workforce is important to the Department of the Defense (DoD).  BSA is currently providing Interns to the Department of the Army, Rock Island, IL to help DoD carry out their mission  and goals.  Let BSA help you find your next great Intern! 

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BSA Value Proposition to the Department of Defense

  • Interns Recruitment and Placement:  We are specialists in helping recruit the next generation of diverse Interns and able to recruit diverse student and recent graduates with enthusiasm, talent, and unique perspective.
  • Reduce Barriers in Hiring Process:  We help eliminate barriers (i.e. complex system, documentation requirements, ratings and preferences, etc.)in recruitment faced by college students and recent graduates.
  • Cost Savings: Our proven recruitment process increases the pool on available candidates which reducing your cost by 10 to 20%
  • Improved Reporting: Ability to customize requirements for each agency, and improved reporting features.
  •  Hyper Efficient Processes Creating Hyper Effective people:  We utilize hyper efficient processes that help source/search and hire hyper effective people while reducing time and cost to our clients.
  • On-Boarding Process:  Through on extensive on-board process, we mitigate staffing drawbacks related to excessive costs and learning curves.

Benefits to Our Solution

  • Prevent Staffing and Competency Gaps:  Help the Department of Defense prevent loss of key personnel and critical skills and career competency shortages (i.e. acquisition, cybersecurity, economics, stem, human resources, and auditors).
  • Provide Difficult Intern Placements: We specialize in providing internship placements in hard-to-find areas which require extensive search, assessment, and background screening especially in rural communities.
  • Access to University Partner Network:   We have access to over 500 nationwide Government's University Partners.  BSA also has our own University Partnerships to provide the highest quality interns possible.

Services We Offer

1.  Program Design:  We provide a customized strategic recruitment plan that will be delivered within the defined timelines with the key demographics components to ensure program execution and success.

2.  Recruitment:  We provide the following:

  • National-wide Online Job Posting
  • Online Application Submittal Process
  • Video Interviews
  • Relationships with over 200 Minority Serving Institutions

3.  Management:  We provide the best on-boarding experience for the interns from Letter of Acceptance, payroll disbursement and policy and procedures.   This would also include weekly status meetings with the interns, surveys, and close out reports. 

4.  Housing and Transportation:  We can offer a turn key solution where we handle all aspects of housing and transportation.  We can also assist interns with self provided housing and transportation options.

Why We're Different

  • Screening Process.  Use of an advanced Tri-Screen Process for locating, and evaluating the strongest candidates.  This helps improve customer satisfaction by up to 20% and reduces turnover.
  • Special Certification.  Certified in Past Behavioral Interviewing which is used successfully by Fortune 500 companies.
  • Candidate Database.  Access to 6,000 prescreened candidates, 18,000 internal database candidates, and access to 100,000 additional candidates.
  • Bi-Lingual.  We can provide bi-lingual professionals. 
  • Difficult Placements.  We can provide hard-to-find placement services.

Past Performance Summary

  • BSA has been in business more than 26 years (established in 1992).
  • BSA has performed more than 250 contracts with more than 100 clients.
  • Our clients have been Government agencies, major corporations, and hospitals.

BSA Clients

  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of the Army
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Veterans Affairs